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Nov 10 2021

Canary Media: This startup aims to make it easy for corporate fleets to go electric

Canary Media, November 10, 2021 —Inspiration Mobility secures $200 million to take on the financing and the risks of transitioning customers’ vehicle fleets to EVs.

Josh Green, CEO of Inspiration Mobility, sees a massive opportunity in helping companies switch their light- and medium-duty fleets from fossil-fueled to electric vehicles. This means planning, financing and implementing the changeover, all the way up to having his company own the vehicles and charging infrastructure. 

“We’re a specialist infrastructure company, focused on developing, owning and operating the real assets that power the EV transition,” the longtime climate and clean energy investor and entrepreneur explained. ​“That includes the vehicles, charging systems, energy systems that optimize the chargers to lower cost and increase reliability, and in some cases the real estate” to house it all. 

Read the full story at Canary Media.

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