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Aug 26 2022

Inspiration Mobility Honored at DC Inno on Fire Awards

Washington Business Journal, August 26, 2022 — In the world of entrepreneurship, we know all the feasible outcomes.

A company could go up in flames. Its business model could fizzle out. Its operations could flicker on reliably for years. Or it could just really be on fire, enough to, maybe, perchance, conceivably, explode into a raging success, disrupting its industry and creating a corporate legacy.

These companies you’ll read about below? They’re on fire. Whether they fizzle or remain fiery, time will tell. Some have raised millions — in some cases, hundreds of millions — while others have bootstrapped. Some have expanded locations, others have pivoted in new directions. Some have hoisted up their revenue, others their hiring. Some are younger than we’d normally spotlight, but have shown some veteran hustle on the pitch competition circuit, so we wanted to highlight them now. Some are making their industries more equitable, others are making their industries more efficient.

Inspiration Mobility

The D.C. company more than doubled its venture intake — and that’s saying a lot when it started up last November with a $200 million commitment from founding investor ArcLight Capital Partners LLC. The latest $215 million infusion in May came from investors Macquarie Asset Management and Ferrovial SA to fund the purchase of electric vehicles and development of EV charging equipment and other infrastructure to build out its network. With two new execs, including a chief technology officer who was an aerospace engineer working in mission control at NASA, CEO Josh Green is hoping to offer its fleet to more customers, beyond Revel, Ferry and European-based UFODrive.

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