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Complete EV Charging and Energy Solutions

Electricity is an ideal fuel source for fleets: it’s cheap, widely available, and its price is stable and predictable. Developing, owning, and operating EV charging infrastructure for your fleet can be daunting, requiring significant resources, time, and expertise. There are dozens of options for hardware and software, complex utility rate structures and incentives, siting, permitting and real estate considerations, and many installers and operators to choose from. We are vendor and technology agnostic, enabling us to always select the best-in-class providers and products for your specific use case.

Beyond reliably fueling your fleet, we combine our charging infrastructure with other technologies and energy programs to minimize the cost of charging and maximize the share of electricity from renewable sources. With Inspiration’s team of experts managing the design, planning, and development process end-to-end, you stay focused on your core business and benefit from a solution tailored to your unique needs. 

Simplifying the fleet charging experience

We know that no two fleets are the same, so we start by diving into your fleet’s business to understand your specific use-cases, priorities, and future plans. From there, Inspiration designs a custom charging and energy solution that integrates seamlessly into your daily operations. You receive a turnkey charging solution featuring low-cost energy, high reliability, and flexibility for future growth.  

Inspiration takes care of all aspects of your fleet energy infrastructure, including:

  • Thorough analysis of your fleet’s current and future vehicle mix and duty cycles
  • Detailed evaluation of sites for energization, parking, and charging capacity
  • Design and engineering of cost-effective and scalable charging infrastructure
  • Coordination with utilities and permitting agencies
  • Incorporation of complementary onsite energy resources like battery storage, solar, and backup generation to achieve reliability, cost, and sustainability goals
  • Construction and procurement management to ensure best-in-class quality and capability, accelerate timelines, reduce onsite labor, and minimize disruptions during installation
  • Bulk sourcing of off-site clean energy (where applicable)
  • Management of all incentives, rebates, grants, and environmental credits for shared value
  • Real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of your energy infrastructure and fleet charging to minimize costs and ensure your fleet is available when you need it
  • Sophisticated reporting and analytics to provide actionable insights that improve fleet operations
  • Attractive and aligned financing structures tailored to your business profile

Why Inspiration

Inspiration has a unique combination of technical and financial expertise in fleet electrification, and the flexible capital needed to get projects built. We offer your business:

  • Deep Experience: A team of industry leaders with experience and relationships across the many disciplines and industries needed to successfully develop and manage fleet charging.
  • Best-in-Class Solutions: Ability to leverage the full ecosystem of rapidly-evolving energy technology and service partners, selecting the right combination for your specific use case.
  • Speed: Processes and partnership structures designed to accelerate decision-making and reduce transaction costs and friction.
  • Interest Alignment: Innovative and customized project and transaction structures that align incentives between your business and Inspiration for the long-term.
  • Financial Resources: Flexible capital to develop EV infrastructure as rapidly as your fleet grows. 
  • Comprehensive Support: Capacity to support your business in all aspects of EV fleet deployment, from vehicles to energy to real estate.