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Fleet Management for the Electric Era

One partner to simplify and accelerate your transition to EVs

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Born electric:
The world's first eFMC™

Fleet electrification made easy.

Fleet management companies have been around for decades, with business models, financial incentives, and technology designed around the internal combustion engine. We’re different: a new type of fleet management company purpose-built to simplify, accelerate, and maximize value from the deployment of electric vehicles.

Whether rolling out your first EV or ramping up your fleet of hundreds, Inspiration’s eFMC™ is the only partner you need to realize the full benefits of fleet electrification as quickly as possible and with minimal risk. Our team of proven experts has the fleet, finance, EV, charging, and energy expertise needed to overcome any challenge.

With Inspiration, we always put your needs first. Legacy FMCs have strong financial incentives to promote gas and diesel vehicles and the chargers of their outsourced charging partner. We, however, are 100% technology-agnostic, selecting and deploying the optimal mix of vehicles, charging infrastructure, and technology for every vehicle, duty cycle, and location in your fleet.

And rather than outsource your charging to a partner pushing their own solution, you benefit from our in-house charging business led by experts from Tesla, EVGo, and other charging pioneers who ensure seamless charging for every EV.

Our eFMC: Different by Design

Tech Neutral
EV leasing done right
EVs are different. Your leases should be different, too. With fewer moving parts and less maintenance, EVs give you consistent performance at a lower cost for significantly longer than an ICE vehicle. Take advantage of the unique attributes of EVs with our flexible leasing offers, minimizing risk and total cost of ownership while ensuring full capture of all available incentives.
Electric Vehicle Focused
Optimal charging for every vehicle
Overnight Level 2 charging or high-speed Level 3? Garaged at a workplace or at an employee's home? Every fleet is different and the best charging solution for a given vehicle and duty cycle will vary. So whether you know what charging systems you need, but don’t want to pay for and operate them, or you’re starting from scratch and want an end-to-end plan you can execute with our support, we’ve got your back.
De Risked
Outcome obsessed
Most vendors in the electrification space are pushing a product — be it an EV, charger, or service. But successful electrification at scale is a systems integration exercise, matching the right EV with the right charger, software, and utility tariff on a duty cycle and location basis. Rather than sell you a product, we’re obsessed about delivering an outcome: cheaper, more reliable, safer, and cleaner transportation that’s loved by your employees.
End To End
Closing the Electrification Action GapTM
Electrification without the right partner is challenging. Even the most committed fleets can get bogged down in EV pilots that don’t scale. In our experience, most companies have an Electrification Action GapTM: a chasm between the vehicles that should be electric (based on TCO savings and operational feasibility) and those that actually are. Let us help you realize the benefits of EVs faster, while ensuring every EV on the road satisfies all operational requirements.

The core fleet management services you know and love with an EV upgrade

Our offering includes all traditional FMC services — plus innovative new services specifically designed around the unique attributes and capabilities of electric vehicles.

No matter where you are on your electrification journey, our EV-first fleet products and services are designed to accelerate the growth of EVs in your fleet while continuing to support the gas and diesel vehicles not yet ready to electrify.

Charging is key to any successful EV transition: when and where each vehicle will charge and how much it will cost, including both the upfront investment and the price of fuel. We’ve got you covered with support for every type of charging you might need.

At home, at work, or on the go — keep EVs charged and on the road

No matter where your vehicles charge, our flexible model allows you as much support as you need. From advice on hardware or utility tariffs to project management to turnkey charging-as-a-service on our dime, we’re here to make your electric fleet a success.

Employee Home

  • Home assessment
  • Managed installation
  • Maintenance and support
  • Financing
  • Driver reimbursement for home electricity

Company Depot

  • Site and utility assessment
  • Hardware and software selection
  • End-to-end project management
  • Maintenance and support
  • Financing

Multi-Fleet Hub

  • Share high-speed charging with other fleets
  • Located at your facility or offsite
  • Host a hub for additional revenue stream
  • Anchor an offsite Inspiration hub
  • Secure capacity at nearby hubs

Public Charging

  • Seamless payment, reporting, and billing
  • Access Inspiration's discounted rates
  • Priority and reserved access in select locations
  • Augment primary fueling source

Temporary & Mobile

  • Electrify more quickly
  • Cover charging gap to permanent install
  • Backup during power outages
  • Emergency charging
  • Off-grid charging options

Everything you need; nothing you don't

Elevated Road,san Francisco

Road to 100TM Electrification Plan

Fleet electrification doesn’t happen overnight. Let us chart your path to success with our Road to 100TM, which provides a multi-year, vehicle-by-vehicle transition plan to identify and address constraints so you’re ready to go when the time is right.


Dark Colored Passenger Vans In A Parking Lot.

Evolved Vehicle Leasing

Whether light-duty, heavy-duty, or something in between, our flexible and affordable leasing solutions fit your business and take advantage of all available incentives.

Made-to-Order Charging

The optimal solution for every vehicle, duty-cycle, and location in your fleet. Whether overnight L2 or high-speed L3, at a depot or at a home, owned by you or by us, we’ve got you covered.

Male Mechanic Holding Tire While Repairing Service Garage Background.

Maintenance & Roadside

Keep your vehicles on the road and your drivers happy with nationwide coverage for routine maintenance, damage and collision repair, warranty and recalls, car rental, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Girl Charging Electric Car And Adjusting An Ev Charging App On Smartphone

Driver Education & Support

Switching to an EV can be intimidating. With all-new systems and no need for gas stations, it can take time to adjust. Our intuitive, EV-native mobile app is your one-stop resource for training, FAQs, unique EV alerts, and customer support.

Electric Car Charging Battery At Ev Charger Station. Green Energ

Seamless eFuel Management

Get the information you need no matter where your drivers charge: worksite, home, private depot, or public chargers. One seamless solution for home charging reimbursement and personal and business mileage tracking.

Dramatic savings, material impact

Istockphoto 1438601717 1024x1024

A national telecom company with a fleet of 3,300 vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks, and take-home sedans

Inspiration’s free EV Opportunity Assessment identified that 97%more than 3,200vehicles could be immediately transitioned to electric.

  • Annual savings: $5.5M
  • Lifecycle savings: $32.8M over 6 years
  • Annual CO2 reduction: 30K metric tons
  • Charging solution: Home, public, and multi-fleet hub charging
Public Parking Along The Street With Charging Points For Electric Vehicles.

A leading pharmaceutical company’s sales force of 1,500 take-home vehicles

Inspiration’s free EV Opportunity Assessment identified that nearly half706of these vehicles could be immediately transitioned to electric.

  • Annual savings: $1.2M
  • Lifecycle savings: $4.9M over 4 years
  • Annual CO2 reduction: 5.3K metric tons
  • Charging solution: Home-based charging with reimbursement
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An insurance company operating in multiple states with 2,500 vehicles

Inspiration’s free EV Opportunity Assessment identified that 70%1,775of their vehicles could be immediately transitioned to electric.

  • Annual savings: $3M
  • Lifecycle savings: $25M over 8 years
  • Annual CO2 reduction: 47K metric tons
  • Charging solution: Public and dedicated depot charging

Free EV Opportunity Assessment

Why pay thousands to a consultant? Our experts quickly assess your fleet to identify immediate electrification opportunities to save you money and delight drivers. 

Drive Value with Inspiration

Contact us to learn how we can help you maximize the benefits of your EV transition