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Why Electrify

Improve financial and environmental performance

Whether you seek to reduce costs, improve operational performance, or fight climate change, electrification is the best weapon in your arsenal

Electrification is happening now and is inevitable. Don’t be left behind.

of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation


publicly listed corporations have set net-zero goals


of fleet owners plan to operate fully carbon-free by 2027
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Why Electrification Matters

Electrification of transportation is unique among the tools we have to fight climate change. That’s because when done right, electrification simultaneously delivers improved financial results and a rapid and material reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Customers, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders are increasingly focused on measuring and reducing GHG emissions, and incentives for switching to EVs have never been higher. 

Regulators are mandating electrification in some jurisdictions. Incentives come and go and will decrease over time as EVs go mainstream. It will take time for utility grids to add enough capacity to electrify everywhere. And competitors are moving, building experience with electrification, while lowering costs and improving driver satisfaction. Now is the time to electrify for your drivers and employees, for your customers, for your shareholders, for the planet.

Electrify today to

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Improve reliability and uptime
  • Increase driver satisfaction
  • Take advantage of attractive EV incentives
  • Protect your license to operate in markets adopting mandates
  • Demonstrate progress toward sustainability goals
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Decarbonize Operations

Reduce emissions and save money through fleet electrification

The seamless fleet electrification delivered by Inspiration is the best way for companies to meaningfully reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

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Attract and Retain Talent

Deploying EVs is a highly visible and effective demonstration of your sustainability commitment

Top candidates increasingly look to join organizations with a higher purpose beyond profitability. Show candidates and employees alike that sustainability isn’t just a word in a report.

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Meet UN Sustainable Development Goals

Lead by example, with bold action on fleet electrification

Attract capital and improve sustainability reporting and third-party ESG rankings by transitioning to electric vehicles.

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Close Your
Electrification Action Gap™

After conversations with hundreds of organizations, we have yet to come across one that is fully taking advantage of the benefits of electric fleets. For us, this means that EVs have been deployed wherever the following three criteria could be satisfied: 

  1.  A fit-for-purpose EV is available, with climate and payload-adjusted range satisfying all operational requirements 
  2. Lower total cost of ownership, even including charging installation 
  3. Charging is easy and affordable to implement 

For many companies, the majority of their fleet vehicles meet these criteria, yet they haven’t moved beyond pilot projects. 

That’s what we call that  an  Electrification Action GapTM: the difference between the number of vehicles in a company’s fleet that should be electric and the number of electric vehicles actually deployed. 

Companies with an Electrification Action Gap are losing money every day they keep gas or diesel vehicles on the road, missing out on the 40-60% fuel and maintenance savings typically realized with EVs.

Your partner for the electrified future

It's Your Turn to Go Electric

Fully benefit from the EV transition with Inspiration