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As the first Electrification Accelerator™, we combine the expertise and offerings of a fleet management company with those of an energy company to offer tailored solutions that enable the electrification of transportation at scale. 

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Inspiration is a purpose-built investment and infrastructure company advancing the electric vehicle (EV) transition. We meet organizations where they are in their electrification journey.  

We provide an EV-first fleet management solution, turnkey EV charging, or both together in an EV fleet-as-a-service package. 

Whether transitioning an existing internal combustion engine (ICE) fleet or scaling an emerging EV-only business, you need a knowledgeable partner, without ties to a specific product, technology, or financial structure.  

Inspiration works with you to design and implement a strategy tailored to your unique needs. We don’t sell products, we deliver an outcome: cheaper, cleaner, safer and more reliable electric transportation. 

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