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Commercial-Grade Charging Done Right

Maximum value, minimal risk — turnkey EV charging by Inspiration

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One partner for cost-effective, dependable commercial charging

Make EV charging an advantage, not a constraint.

As the EV transition accelerates, the charging of those electric vehicles represents a once-in-a-generation shift in value away from the oil and gas industry to…whom? Utilities will benefit, but so too will those that host, own or operate high-performing charging infrastructure. That’s where we come in.    

Whether you’re a fleet looking for a turnkey electric fuel solution, a real estate owner thinking about how you can benefit from the EV transition, or some combination of the two, our fully financed, risk-free charging-as-a-service (CaaS) solution provides the simplicity and performance guarantees you need, while enabling you to focus on what you do best. 

With a team of experts that have developed, financed, owned, and operated hundreds of clean energy projects, including EV charging, solar, wind, and battery storage, Inspiration Energy is singularly focused on building, owning, and operating the high-performing charging hubs that enable and accelerate the shift to electric transportation.

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Fleet Professionals:

Check charging off your to-do list

Reliable, cost-effective charging with zero upfront cost.

Installing and operating commercial-grade charging for your fleet can be complex. From selecting hardware and software to securing power and optimizing utility rates, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

We deliver reliable, high-performance EV charging tailored to your unique needs with our turnkey charging-as-a-service (CaaS) solution.

  • Design, build, own, and operate the optimal energy and charging infrastructure for your fleet, taking advantage of all applicable incentives
  • You pay a predictable price for your eFuel with guaranteed performance and availability 
  • Green your fleet with onsite clean energy and renewable power purchases  
  • Bundle fuel with EVs and fleet management services through our eFMC 
EV charging for fleets

Unlock Embedded Charging ValueTM
at your properties with Inspiration

The era of electric transportation is upon us, opening new opportunities for real estate owners. An immense amount of new high-speed charging capacity is required to power America’s commercial EVs, and certain properties are particularly well-positioned to reap the rewards. Identifying, unlocking, and maximizing this Embedded Charging ValueTM is our specialty. 

We don’t just build and operate commercial charging on your site, we make it successful, driving utilization by nearby commercial fleets to build value. 

Let Inspiration’s turnkey charging-as-a-service (CaaS) solution add reliable, high-speed commercial EV charging infrastructure to your properties to enjoy these benefits:  

  • Increase Net Operating Income with new lease and ancillary revenue streams through charging infrastructure
  • Attract and retain tenants, improving the competitive positioning of your property by offering reliable high-speed charging
  • Demonstrate progress on sustainability goals with onsite EV charging paired with solar, battery storage, efficient lighting, and more
  • Improve standing in the local community by offering high-performance charging to neighboring businesses and property owners
  • One aligned partner to design, build, own, and operate the charging hub, bearing all risk and with no cost to you

Take the first step and let us evaluate the charging potential of your properties with our Charging Opportunity Assessment. 

With you every step of the way

We expertly manage the entire charging process from beginning to end.

Building Plug
Site & Energy Assessment
Engineering & Design
Battery Plug
Hardware & Software Selection
Cell Tower
Plug Cogs
Permitting & Utility Management
Port Crane
Construction & Commissioning
Connected City
Managed Operations & Maintenance
Connect Lock
Guaranteed Performance
Plug In Car
EV Charging

Power Up with Inspiration CaaS

Simplify your EV transition and let us design, build, and optimize your EV charging