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Electrification Finance

Capital solutions to accelerate the EV transition

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Delight customers by eliminating upfront cost

Electrification can be a tough sell. Most of your customers are learning as they go and face an often bewildering array of similar-sounding products and services. Vehicles, EV chargers, charging management software, and more must be deployed and installed and work together to deliver the desired outcome. With our Fleet and Energy offerings, we understand their challenges first-hand, including the high upfront cost of implementation.  

Wherever you fit in the electrification ecosystem, our purpose-built Electrification Finance solutions allow you to immediately address customer pain points and reduce buying friction. Whether you sell a product directly related to fleet electrification (such as an EV, a high-speed charger, or software) or a service that enables fleet electrification at scale (like high-speed charging, design, and construction of commercial charging sites), we simplify your sales process and serve your customers with:

  • Turnkey financing, enabling customers to move forward with zero upfront cost
  • Value-add bundles that complement our capital with eFMCTM and energy solutions for a comprehensive EV fleet-as-a-service offering

Learn more about how we can help you accelerate sales, build deeper customer relationships, and earn more revenue.

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Capital and deployment solutions to accelerate growth across the electrification ecosystem

  • Vehicle OEMs
  • Commercial vehicle dealers
  • Developers, owners, and operators of multi-fleet charging depots
  • Charging hardware OEMs
  • Charging management software providers
  • Engineering and construction firms building charging infrastructure

Accelerate sales and earn additional revenue with Inspiration

Bundle financing, fleet, and charging solutions to delight customers

Vendor Finance

For OEMs and Dealers
  • Purpose-built EV leasing solutions that price in all applicable incentives
  • Available for all EV asset types, including on- and off-road EVs
  • Dealer recourse and nonrecourse programs
  • Bundle charging with vehicle leasing to facilitate customer adoption
Only Inspiration can bundle financing for your vehicles with charging and fleet management solutions that your customers need to deploy EVs at scale.
Fleet EVs with commercial grade charging

Fleet-as-a-Service (FaaS)

For Operators of Multi-Fleet Charging Depots
  • Increase charging utilization by facilitating EV procurement and management for customers
  • Serve more of your customer needs and earn additional revenue by bundling eFMCTM leasing and services
  • Focus your capital and attention on deploying and operating more charging infrastructure while we ensure exceptional customer experience with the vehicles
Deliver more to your customers, accelerate their electrification, and earn revenue from non-charging sources.
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Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS)

For Charging OEMs and EPC Firms
  • Wrap the sale of your commercial charging product with our CaaS offering to provide customers an easy, zero-upfront-cost option to get the charging they need
  • Remove cost and complexity as barriers to adoption with a turnkey solution that reliably delivers eFuel at an affordable price
  • Focus on selling your product or service and let Inspiration experts streamline your sale and speed of adoption
  • Differentiate your offer and earn additional revenue by bundling our eFMCTM leasing and services
Streamline customer adoption by eliminating the cost and headache of installing and operating high-speed commercial charging infrastructure.
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The right vehicles. The right charging infrastructure. Accelerate customer adoption with Inspiration.

Working Together to Accelerate the EV Transition

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