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Truck Depot Ivan Bandura

The heavy-duty fleet transition is underway. 

ACT showcased the vehicle electrification industry in full force with a seemingly endless room of various charging solutions, electric and hydrogen vehicles, software solutions and more. As Josh Green, founder and CEO of Inspiration Mobility, pointed out to me, that itself may be a challenge for fleet managers to navigate.

“Walking around this massive expo hall, while a very positive signal for the industry, it’s also a bit of a challenge if you’re sitting in a fleet decision-making seat and trying to figure out how to electrify because the sheer number of companies with similar sounding solutions is intimidating and it’s probably hard to differentiate which is best,” Green said. 

Green pointed out how this can lead to paralysis from analysis as fleet managers must then talk to a long list of potential partners. Inspiration Mobility represents one solution as Green’s team helps take the burden of all that for fleets and is the integrator, partnering with fleets to finance, build, own and operate assets to enable fleet electrification. 

Green shared one solution for fleet managers facing a long list of providers. “Don’t get locked into too much upfront,” Green said. “Given the pace of change, our advice is to stay nimble.”

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