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Nafa 2024 Placeholder
Catch Director – Fleet Advisory & Analytics Adam Seifert at the 2024 NAFA Institute & Expo in San Antonio, Texas, on Monday, April 22. 

Navigating Emerging Technologies
This broad-ranging deep dive into fleet technologies will spotlight the emerging tech set to revolutionize the industry. Expert panelists will cover autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things and telematics, electric fleets, 5G and fleet connectivity, and cybersecurity. Whether you’re a fleet manager looking to adapt to the digital age or a tech enthusiast eager to understand the next wave of mobility solutions, this panel will offer valuable insights into technologies that are changing the game in fleet management.

  • Understand what technologies are emerging in the fleet industry
  • Learn how to evaluate emerging technologies depending on your own fleet management goals
  • Discover which emerging technologies to incorporate into your capital expenditure planning


  • Libby Bittman, EV & Mobility Business Development Director at WEX
  • Trevor Curwin, Director, Partnerships at Sheeva
  • Adam Seifert, Director – Fleet Advisory & Analytics at Inspiration Mobility
  • Irina Filippova, COO at Electrada
  • Cecile Post, Head of Sales at Chargetrip