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Epri Humans Of Electrification

As featured in EPRI’s Humans of Electrification on LinkedIn

Meet people like Josh Green, founder and CEO of Inspiration Mobility, at Electrification 2024:

“My father’s favorite saying was, ‘Even the President puts his pants on one leg at a time.’ It made you realize you could do anything. And I wasn’t ever afraid to dream big.
“My mother was a TV producer. So, I was in a few commercials as a kid. I did one with Florence Henderson. There are pictures of me sitting with her in a Volkswagen van. 
“In high school, I spent two summers volunteering in Latin America. 
“I spent the first summer in a small village in the Dominican Republic. Day one, they drop you off in a pickup truck to live with a host family. There were only concrete houses – each with two very small bedrooms and one main living area. A mother, father, and seven kids slept in those two bedrooms. I slept in a cot on top of the dirt floor every night. 
“I worked on community sanitation. We did everything from constructing latrines, to educating villagers on teethbrushing, to taking the trash to a central location. 
“The next summer, I did a project in the mountains of Ecuador, setting up mobile clinics to vaccinate dogs against rabies. We would get in the back of a Jeep and drive to small towns and set up a clinic on the basketball court or town square. 
“After that, I knew I wanted to do something related to economic development in Latin America.
“I started at a consulting firm. They had a group working with Latin American governments and industries to improve their competitiveness. 
“Every day, I’d stop by the office that decided where people were going, and ask, ‘Anything in Latin America?’ Finally, they said, ‘Yes, we have an opportunity in Medellin, Colombia.’
“I started working with one of the biggest utilities in South America, which started my career in clean energy and sustainability. I”ve been in clean energy for 25 years.
“A few years ago, I backpacked around the world for our honeymoon. We went to Patagonia and did a multi-day trek I had done 20 years prior. 
“At the end, you see the Grey Glacier. There’s a map that shows the glacier’s recession. Since my first trip, the glacier has receded 15 miles further up the valley. 
“When we left on this trip, I was burned out on climate change and clean energy. I felt that things were going in the wrong direction. We were moving too slowly. Seeing how these fragile ecosystems had been ravaged by climate change, I realized I wanted to get back to it. 
“I started talking to people about where we could have the biggest climate impact most quickly. It became clear that electric vehicles had arrived – and that electrification was the best and fastest way to make a meaningful dent in greenhouse gas emissions.”

Inspiration Mobility is an Electrification Accelerator that helps companies electrify fleets, deploys charging, and finances electrification.  
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