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Purpose-built to unlock the full value of electric vehicle fleets

The electrification of transportation and mobility is underway and is already changing fleet operations. For almost all transportation segments, electrification is inevitable: a matter of how fast, not if.

Compared with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, EVs are more dependable and have vastly lower operating costs. Fleet electrification delivers significantly higher value to operators. So, what’s the hold-up?

The reality is that, despite the compelling advantages of electrification, successfully deploying EVs at scale is complex, requiring the integration of traditionally siloed disciplines. Operators must consider factors such as use case and duty cycles; vehicle selection and procurement; siting and real estate; charging system design, installation and operation; energy procurement and optimization; government regulations; incentive management; and vehicle maintenance and storage...not to mention how to pay for it all.

We launched Inspiration with one purpose: to accelerate the EV transition by making the deployment of electric fleets, at scale, as easy as managing a fleet of ICE vehicles. Our team has the cross-functional expertise to enable fleet operators to go electric with the lowest risk, highest return on investment, and the least friction possible. By engaging deeply with our customers and employing innovative financing and partnership structures tailored to each customer’s unique needs, we enable scale by maximizing every advantage EVs have to offer.

Inspiration’s team brings together deep experience and capabilities in fleet management, infrastructure finance, clean energy project development, automotive finance, and real estate. We are a team of dedicated, passionate individuals driven by one shared goal: delivering solutions that dramatically accelerate the electrification of transportation.

Who we are

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Managing Director - Head of Fleet

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Managing Director - Strategy & Business Development

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Managing Director - Finance & Corporate Development

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VP - Corporate Development

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VP - Strategic Finance

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VP - Product & Data Science

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Director - Accounting

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Director - Strategy & Operations

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Director - Corporate Development

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Director - Energy Solutions

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Manager - Fleet Administration

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Business Analyst - Fleet

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Business Analyst - Product & Finance

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Business Analyst - Sales & Marketing

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