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The global transition to electric mobility is inevitable, but the process of deploying EV fleets and the required charging infrastructure to take full advantage is complex and time-consuming, with significant upfront costs. With rapidly-evolving vehicle models, charging technologies, and incentives (federal, state, local, utility), having a knowledgeable, aligned partner acting as your systems integrator delivers critical advantages. Inspiration provides experienced leadership and deep expertise in every element crucial for successful EV fleet deployment: we are the only partner you need to ensure everything works together seamlessly.

An electrifying force for your gasoline or diesel-powered fleet

There are more EV models than ever before, battery technology has never been better and cheaper, and new financial incentives are appearing at an unprecedented pace. No matter what type or size of light- or medium-duty fleet you manage, now is the perfect time to deploy electric vehicles. It’s a smart investment with tangible returns:

  • Fuel savings of 40-60%
  •  Up to 60% lower maintenance costs
  • Increased vehicle uptime and availability
  • Driver (and passenger) enjoyment
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, maintaining brand relevance as regulators, investors and consumers demand ESG progress

With these benefits available now and multiplied across your entire fleet, every day with an ICE fleet is a missed opportunity for lower operating costs, increased profitability, and a stronger company brand.

Scaling an all-EV fleet or offering a new EV mobility innovation? Build your business with Inspiration

Electric vehicles have spawned a growing ecosystem of exciting companies that are, like us, devoted to accelerating the EV transition and delivering the many benefits EVs offer. We’re here to help fellow mobility innovators get their ideas on the road with fast, affordable, one-stop EV fleet and charging solutions. Working together, we can roll back transportation emissions while creating healthier, more equitable modes of transport and building profitable companies along the way.

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With 100+ new models coming to market by 2023, selecting and procuring the EVs that will best serve your needs is a critical, and ongoing, decision. Inspiration takes a deep dive into your company’s business model and fleet needs, then combines what we learn with our intimate knowledge of EV capabilities, price, and availability to recommend and procure the perfect model(s) so you know you’ll have exactly what you need, the first time. Our affordable and innovative financing solutions ensure you maximize the benefits of electric vehicles. From corporate and municipal fleets to taxi operators, ride-hailing and delivery services to car rental and car-sharing, or your innovative EV subscription business—no fleet is too large or too small.

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Charging & Energy

By almost every measure, electricity is a superior fuel source to gasoline and diesel for light- and medium-duty vehicles. But planning and building the charging infrastructure to support your business can be complex and time-consuming, involving decisions about siting, energy supply, charging hardware and software, and real estate in a rapidly evolving energy market. Oh, and all of this has to integrate with your choice of EVs, your duty cycles and routes, and, perhaps most importantly, your budget. Let us design and finance the optimal solution for your unique needs, ensuring all the pieces fit together for maximum benefit.

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For Partners

From vehicle OEMs to real estate owners, electric utilities to rideshare TNCs, charging and energy technology companies to municipalities: the EV transition presents myriad opportunities and risks. If you're interested in discussing how the EV transition can benefit your business or community, we’d love to help. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together to accelerate the EV transition.

Capital Investment

Interested in investing in the EV and energy transitions?  Allocating capital to climate or ESG-friendly investments? Join us as we grow the first purpose-built platform investing in, aggregating, and managing the real assets enabling the EV transition. Connect with us to talk about investment opportunities powering the EV transition.